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Navigate all of the many different ways a teacher can build his or her career. Learn about different subjects teachers can specialize in and the different grade levels one can consider teaching in.

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Understand your options for education. Learn what kind of education you will need to enter the field of education. Choosing a school that is appropriate for your goals is a key part of your success in teaching.

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Learn about the scholarship we are currently offering to future educators. Our organization is giving away nearly $1500 to support growth in the education field in 2015.

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How To Become a Teacher

  • Step 01. Explore Careers

    The first step to pursuing a career in education is determining which level and subject are right for you. Our career pages are designed to enable you to easily explore careers in teaching by level (e.g., preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, college and university) and subject (e.g., mathematics, English, film, nursing, history, anthropology etc.). Whether your goal is to become a second grade teacher, middle school science teacher or university-level philosophy professor, our career pages contain all the information you’ll need to be make informed decisions about the future. Get started Exploring Careers

  • Step 02. Find a Program

    Once you’ve determine which career in teaching is right for you, you’ll need to pursue the appropriate degree or degrees to qualify. Public school teachers at the elementary, middle and high school levels require a degree in education leading to teacher licensure. ToBecomeATeacher.org has developed two critical tools to help you determine which degree in education to obtain and where to pursue it. On our degree pages, you’ll find everything you need to know about different types of education degrees, including the B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A.T, Ed.D and Ph.D in education, and which of these degrees lead to teacher licensure or qualify you to take on other roles in the education system (e.g., principal or researcher positions). Start Researching Teaching Programs

  • Step 03. Get Licensed

    Every U.S. state has its own regulations on how to become a teacher. This means that wherever you’re currently living or hope to live and work as an educator, it is important to understand the state’s specific licensure requirements, including which degrees, experience and licensure exams the state requires and whether or not the state recognizes teaching licenses obtained across state lines. To help you navigate all 50 states’ regulations, ToBecomeATeacher.org has developed detailed state-specific licensure pages. On these pages, you’ll discover critical information about different pathways to becoming a teacher in each state, including alternative pathways and fast track options, and each state’s required licensure exams (e.g., the Praxis series of exams or a state-specific equivalent). Find Licensing Guidelines for Your State

  • Step 04. Find a Job

    The final and most critical step you’ll take in your pathway to becoming a teacher is finding a job. ToBecomeATeacher.org has developed a robust set of tools to guide you through every step of the job search process. Using our job search tools, you’ll discover where teachers are currently in the highest demand and where teachers’ salaries outpace living wage estimates. Using our job search tools, you can explore where you’re most likely to earn enough money to cover all your basic expenses and have money left over to save for the future. Our job search tools also contain vital information about and links to major employers at the elementary, secondary and postsecondary levels for the largest cities and towns in each state across the nation. You can search for available jobs on our job board or link directly to hiring sites and talent recruitment pages for educators across the United States by visiting our top cities for hiring pages.

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