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It’s often suggested that the most underappreciated vocation on the planet is the teaching profession. However, when an individual is looking to take on this career choice, they shouldn’t have to circumnavigate millions of pages of online data to retain the complete information they require in order to formulate a strong plan to achieve their goals. This is the primary reason why we have launched – to offer would be educators an easy to navigate online platform that will help them learn more about specific teaching careers, along with arming them with the proper tools and tips to achieve their goal of becoming an educator.  To learn more about us explore are links current news items, schools, and licensing.

WHAT WE DO was built by a collaborative team of educational and career experts, including teachers, professors and educational researchers, who focus their efforts on providing students of all levels with factual resources that will help them navigate the educational and career hurdles required to achieve their professional goals. This website was developed with the future and existing teacher in mind – to be a hub of educational and career tips and advice from fellow teachers and career guidance experts who have traveled on this journey themselves.

Our website offers teachers a wealth of practical data including:

Teachers are the people who will shape tomorrow’s world leaders. We’re dedicated to making their path a simpler one to travel.

feature contributors

Dr. Cait Etherington

Cait holds a PhD in Education (York). Her essays, articles and reviews have been published in research journals across the United States and internationally. She also has over two decades of experience working as an educator. Cait has worked as a community educator, adult educator at the college level, and as a university professor, teaching courses and seminars at the undergraduate and graduate levels in education and the humanities.

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