Applying to Our Scholarship

Hello and welcome to our scholarship.  The application process for this year goes as follows:

  1. Submit a short 200-300 word essay demonstrating your need for a scholarship and your desire to become a great educator.
  2. Submit a short video in which you answer an important question to the teacher or student/teacher community.     This question should be a question that you think is important to a student or teacher developing his or her career, and that you through your research were able to answer.
  3.  Send your essay and video to [email protected]:// with your subject line titled “Scholarship Application”.
  4. The Deadline for all applications is November 1st. The scholarship applications will be processed, and the award will be granted January 15th of that year.
  5. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and new information.

Use of this scholarship:

The Becoming an Educator Scholarship is meant to be used to fund your education and to support your process in becoming a teacher.  We ask that your use of the scholarship be directly used for your education, e.g. tuition, textbooks, rent, school supplies.

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