SAT Tutoring and College Consulting

A Message from Dr. Etherington

Dr. Cait Etherington, Senior Consultant and Director

Over the past five years, I have served as Tobecomeateacher’s senior education consultant. In this role, I have had the privilege of meeting outstanding educators across the nation working at the K-12 and postsecondary levels who are frequently seeking additional tutoring work to supplement their incomes. Along the way, I have also met with thousands of parents and students. Many of these students and parents are worried about how to effectively prepare for the next step on their educational journey. They want to know how to find the support they need to prepare for the SAT and apply to the very best colleges. With so many outstanding secondary and college-level educators seeking tutoring work and so many students and parents in need to reliable SAT tutoring and college consulting, I realized that there was only one thing to do: create a matching service for educators and college-bound students that reflects’s deep commitment to promoting excellence in education by giving students and their parents, as well as educators the resources they need to be at their best.

Our Approach

Unlike most tutoring services, we only focus on the most critical stage in a student’s education: the one to two years students spend preparing to write the SAT and apply to college. This isn’t to say that other moments aren’t important, but getting into the right college does determine much of what comes next.  Because we focus a this specific moment in one’s educational journey, we know our student body well and know how to prepare them not only for the SAT but also the broader college admissions process. We work with students and parents to produce test results and craft the type of profile that colleges seek in prospective applicants. We also understand that this is a high-stakes process for students and families. That’s why we’re here to support you throughout the college application process on every level.

Our Tutors

We work with a small but dedicated pool of tutors with outstanding credentials and substantial experience both in the classroom and working as college prep tutors. Unlike many tutoring agencies, all of our tutors are qualified educators with college-level and/or AP-level teaching experience and additional training and experience preparing students for the SAT. Most of our tutors are based in New York City, but we work with students both in person and online nationwide.

Our Rates

Our rate for SAT tutoring is $145 an hour. We do not ask for a pre-payment and we do not ask you to commit to a specific number of hours. On average, our tutors meet with students anywhere from two to six hours per week, but the schedule is up to you. Depending on your location, we work with students both in person and online.

Free consultations for clients who commit to 50 hours or more of tutoring: All clients who contract with us for at least 50 hours of SAT tutoring are also eligible to receive the following services free of charge.

  • College essay (one-hour consultations with Dr. Etherington offering feedback on content, structure and grammar of the student’s college essay).
  • Digital footprint consultation (half-hour consultation with Dr. Etherington offering feedback on the student’s digital reputation with advice on how to modify it in preparation for the college application cycle).
  • Resume and dossier support (one-hour consultation with Dr. Etherington to discuss how to effectively present the student’s extracurricular profile on college and scholarship applications).

We invoice you once a month. We accept several easy online payment methods but prefer PayPal. We ask that payments be received within 5 days. Overdue payments are subject to a 10% late fee.

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